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Eye shadow 066 - Vieux rose (sidefat)

Eye shadow 066 - Vieux rose...
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Eye shadow 066 - Vieux rose (sidefat)

Ref: 111066

Eye shadow 116 – Charbon Pepite Look

Micronised powder with a high level of pigments.

Purpose: Enjoy playing with shades and subtle contrasts to structure, highlight and illuminate your eyes with a sparkle. Flaunt colours and contrasts as you create bold, natural or blended looks.

 How to apply: Use the shading brush to apply the matte Eye Shadows. Use the blending brush to apply the pearly or glittery Eye Shadows. Use the orbit brush to easily blend colours and eliminate lines. Use the eye shadow brush with a slanted tip to draw lines of eye shadow along the lash line (like an eyeliner). For boosted intensity, moisten the brush before sweeping it across the eye shadow.

Advantages: A wide range of luminous shades with high pigment content / Silky-smooth texture / Extremely easy to apply shades / Excellent hold


A minimum of 13% active ingredients,

100% of natural raw materials,

A minimum of 11.12% of organic raw materials,


Controlled manufacturing process / Characteristics certified according to standard I-305 available at www.qualite-france.com

  • 100% NATURAL
  • Vegan