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Diffuser of essential oils by nebulization

Diffuser of essential oils...
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Diffuser of essential oils by nebulization

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The diffuser of essential oil by nebulization diffuses the essential oils in silence, using a heat-free method and preserving this way all their properties.
- An authentic design in oak and mouth-blown glass.
- A diffusion of essential oils by nebulization (microdoplets).
- A variator allows a perfectly measured diffusion.

Can be placed anywhere in the house and disinfects the atmosphere of a room with a 15 to 100m² surface area.

Instructions for use :
We recommend you to diffuse only pure essential oils, preferably organic ones.
For only little essential oil into the diffuser and top the level up regularly, as essential oils in the air tend to oxidize and thicken.
Pay attention to follow the user guide and the maintenance advices.

Instruction for maintenance :
Once to twice a month, pour 1 to 2ml of Diffuser Cleaner into the diffuser and turn it on for 3 to 5 minutes.
If the diffuser is not used regularly, you should empty it and clean it, as essential oils may thicken and solidify otherwise.