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Essential oils USB Diffuser White

Essential oils USB Diffuser...
114,99 lei

Essential oils USB Diffuser White

Essential oils USB Diffuser White

Ref: 024250

This diffuser works by microdiffusion to keep all of the essential oils properties.

Ideal for office, car
- Mobile
- Practical
- Silent

Warning: It  is not a USB flash drive.

Instructions for use :
You can easily change the atmosphere by changing essential oils’ refills.
We recommend you to diffuse only pure essential oils, preferably from organic culture.
The diffuser works better when placed horizontally with the diffuser unit in upright position. However, the orientation of USB ports varies according to different makers and models of computers and your USB diffuser will not always face upwards one inserted into your USB port. This should not affect the function of the fragrance diffuser.  Avoid using when the diffuser unit is in direct contact with surface.

Instructions for maintenance :
Clean the USB diffuser after use. The diffuser may become blocked because of essential oils particles. Clean it with the following steps to restore and perform:
1. Unplug the USB Diffuser and remove the fragrance cartridge.
2. Use the mini pump to drop 2 to 3 drops of diffuser cleaner into the diffuser unit.
3. Plug again the USB Diffuser and leave the unit to run for a minute. Then you can remove it and restore the fragrance cartridge to work.