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Plug-in Diffuser

Plug-in Diffuser
143,99 lei

Plug-in Diffuser

Plug-in Diffuser

Ref: 023987

The Plug-in Diffuser with gentle heat allow a diffusion preserving the essential oils properties.

Ideal to carry everywhere with you, at home, at the office and even on holidays :

- Portable
- Handy
- Quiet

Sold with a quiet summer Composition whose organic essential oils of Citronella, Fine Lavender, Eucalyptus…allow you to spend a serene summer, away from stings !

Instructions for use :
Very easy! You can the quiet summer Composition or any other Florame pure essential oil(s).
Careful, the diffuser do not switch off automatically: turn it off with the button ON(I)/OFF (0) and unplug the diffuser after each use.

Instruction for maintenance :
Clean the diffuser after each use. Some oils can block the diffuser. Clean it with the following steps :
1. Shut down, unplug the diffuser and wait for it to cool down.
2. Remove the cap of the diffuser and empty the tank.
3. Clean inside the diffuser with a clean damp cloth.