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Twist & Lips 401- Beige Rouge

Twist & Lips 401- Beige Rouge
91,99 lei
73,59 lei

Twist & Lips 401- Beige Rouge

Ref: 117401

Twist & lips are enriched with Viamerine, a combination of essential fatty acids which moisturize* and protect lips and also has anti-aging properties. Their composition based on organic jojoba oil and organic grapeseed oil, smoothes, nourishes and protects the lips.
The Twist & lips can be applied like a lipstick. Gently turn the down of the pencil to get the necessary amount of lipstick.
Apply it directly on the lips or after having outlined the lips using a lips pencil. After use, turn in the opposite diretion before replace the cap.

Minimum 26% of active ingredients.
100% of all ingredients are of natural origin.
56% of all ingredients are produced by Organic Farming.