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Grapefruit CONV

Grapefruit CONV
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Grapefruit CONV

Citrus paradisi

Ref: 011397

Culture: Organic
Family: Rutaceae
Part used: Peel (expressed)
Origin: Americas, Israel or South Africa
Chemical composition: limonene, myrcene

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit native of Indian Ocean and more exactly
Indonesia, which grows in cluster. Afterward, it was cultivated
in Israel, Argentina, South Africa or also in Florida whose it is
the emblem. The tree from which grapefruit rises can measure
up to 6 meters high and needs high heat to develop itself. The
essential oil of grapefruit, obtained by cold expression of the
zest, is often used in the culinary preparations for its slightly acid
Olfactory notes : Fruity, tonic

Main properties
• Purifying
• Digestive
• Soothing, relaxing
• Silouette