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1) A commitment for BA labels (Biological Agriculture)

All Natural Paris products come biological agriculture. They were carefully selected and rigorously comply with a specification set by their certifying organization (Ecocert France in our case) and farmer. We guarantee an exceptional quality from farmer to finished product. COSMEBIO and BA labels present on our products but also ECOCERT certification certify that.



2) We guarantee the best quality

To guarantee the highest quality Couleur Caramel and Florame products go through various checks at each stage of production. Laboratory analysis guarantees the products:

- 100% natural: unmodified synthetic molecules

- Biological and Biochemical Botanic defined (HEBBBD)

                          -  Ecocert Certificate



3) A commitment to fair trade

Because we give special care to people and the planet, all our products come from fair trade and working with farmers from around the world for resource allocation.



4) A commitment to respect the environment

Our products comply natural resources and their renewal:

- Use of environmentally friendly raw materials

- All our packaging is recyclable

- Selection of certified printing ink Imprim'Vert that we use on our products



5) A commitment to animal welfare

Our products have One Voice labels, the first association that fights for the rights of animals. One Voice label guarantees the absence of animal testing in obtaining our products.